Samsung air source heat pumps

In 2020, a partnership between Samsung and construction intelligence firm Etopia, transformed the way we heat our homes and helps us strive towards a Net Zero future. This partnership is changing the way we heat our homes; we’re proud suppliers and installers of Samsung’s Ecological and Economical Heating System (EHS).

Founded in 1938, Samsung wasn’t always a multinational electronics corporation. In fact, in its early years, Samsung traded as a grocery store in Taegu, Korea, selling noodles, Korean fish and veggies.

It wasn’t until 1969 that Samsung’s electronics division was formed. Their first electronic product was a black and white TV that was exported to Panama in 1971. In the late 1970s, they started making white goods such as refrigerators and washing machines, and the rest is history.

The world’s second largest tech company, Samsung reported £171 billion in revenue in 2021, and is a global household name and a leading manufacturer of air source heat pumps.


Fact File

Date founded


2021 revenue

171 Billion

No of employees

268,000 globally


Heating, smart phones, televisions, white goods, transport, healthcare, heating and plumbing, manufacturing and more.

Samsung EHS Air to Water Heating Solutions

With decades of experience in electronics manufacturing and research behind them, Samsung has the technology and knowledge to be at the forefront of transitioning to renewable, low-carbon heating and cooling systems.

Compatible with third party domestic hot water tanks, their EHS range keeps homes across the world warm or cool, whatever the temperature outdoors. Their ClimateHub integrated tank is the recommended option (but really a must have) as it offers the very best home comfort. Their range consists of three types of unit:


Types of unit

EHS Mono, R32, Heat Pump 5,kW - 16.0kW

Ideal for a wide range of homes, the Samsung EHS Mono features a compact and light outdoor unit. Due to the pre-plumbed cylinder unit, less time is spent assembling small parts, making installation much quicker.

  • Product fiche - A++

  • R32 Refrigerant

  • New Wired Remote Control

  • Top Class Energy Efficiency - SCOP A+++

  • Smart connectivity

  • WiFi compatible

  • Keymark certificatied

  • Eurovent certified

  • MCS approved

EHS Split, R32, Heat Pump 4.kW to 16.okW

Suitable for houses of all sizes, the EHS Split is optimised with seasonal efficiency in mind but must be used with a hydro box or tank. Compatible with domestic water tanks, pumps, solar panels, thermostats and back-up boilers, the EHS split is a highly reliable and versatile heat pump.

  • Product fiche - A++

  • R32 Refrigerant

  • New Wired Remote Control

  • 4-Step Quiet Mode

EHS TDM Plus High Efficiency Heat Pump

The EHS TDM supports both air to air and air to water heating and cooling, and is perfect for larger homes. Their Time Division Multi(TDM) unit is an all-in-one system that helps you feel the warmth faster, and has five indoor units.

  • Product fiche - A+

  • Windfree mode

  • R410A refrigerant

Samsung ClimateHub integrated tank

The Samsung ClimateHub is the crème de la crème of home climate convenience. The ClimateHub is a new integrated solution for heating and domestic hot water supply and offers the ultimate home comfort.

  • Smart connectivity

  • Quiet operation

  • Touch controller

  • Compatible with Mono, Split and TDM Plus

  • Windfree cooling

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