Born in 2012 Aefor designs, constructs, and markets equipment for air treatment. Their fundamental objective is to provide customers with solutions that are inventive to improve their standards of living.

Aerfor have three main missions and values comprising of:

  1. Environmental Sustainability.

  2. Efficiency.

  3. Customization of products.

In 2017, they released their Octupus heat recovery ventilation system. Furthermore, in 2019 they created their new Reverso fan coil units, both of which work perfectly in harmony with air sourced heat pumps.



The Reverso 361° is an innovative fan coil unit that works seamlessly with air sourced heat pumps to provide both heating and cooling to your property, allowing low temperature operation withhigh efficiency.

Perfect to work in conjunction with your domestic heating system, or to avoid the cost and disruption of under floor heating, the Reverso gifts users with luxury hydronic intelligence that’s affordable.

Four Product Types

High Wall

Low Profile

Floor Stadning


Key Benefits

low temperature operation

high efficiency

super thin, 12 cm thick

innovative design

tempered glass front panel.

low noise level 20 DB (A)

wi-fi connection

2 & 4 pipe installation



Octopus is an all-in-one heat recovery and an air treatment unit that allows you to heat, condition, dehumidify and renew the air of a whole building. Unsurprisingly, the system is comprised of 8 different functions and is compatible with air source heat pumps.

cooling, heating, energy recovery, filtration

EC motors for low consumption

10 independent ducts

balanced heat distribution

variable individual room air distribution

VMC system

with crossed air flow granting 200m3/h of renovation air aiding mould elimination.

replaceable air filter

with G3 & M5 efficiency class for optimal indoor air quality.

wi-fi connection

Gradient background pattern

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