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A worldwide leader in electronic technologies for consumers and businesses, Panasonic is committed to decarbonising the world economy and has set an ambitious target to reach net-zero emissions on all its business activities and products by 2050. Their industry leading research into smart heat pump technology is paving the way for a more sustainable future.

The corporation that we know as Panasonic today was founded in a small two story house by Konosuke Matsushita in 1918. Formerly known as Matsushita Electric, Konosuke and two other colleagues built high quality household electrical fixtures.

In the late 1920s they moved on to mass producing electrothermal products and making them affordable. They built products that produced heat electrically such as footwarmers, super irons and radios.

After years of research, development and acquiring several electronics companies, Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. became known as Panasonic Corporation in 2008. Now, Panasonic ranks 14th in the Fortune 100 Companies and is a global leader in renewable heating solutions.


Fact File

Date founded


2021 revenue

£19.8 billion

No of employees

259,385 globally


Heating, home appliances, audio visual, televisions, white goods, transport, healthcare, heating and plumbing, manufacturing and more.

Panasonic Aquarea Air to Water Heat Pumps

Panasonic has over 60 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing innovative and sustainable heating solutions. Their Aquarea Air To Water Heat Pump range is a great alternative to non-renewable energy sources such as oil, gas and electric heaters, and is guaranteed to work whatever the temperature outside.

Compatible with underfloor heating, radiators and fan coil units, the Aquarea range works with several types of emitters, and has an optional tank installation to ensure home comfort. Their range consists of several units and tanks.


Types of unit

Aquarea High Performance All In One Range R32 3.0kW to 9kW

Designed for new builds and low energy consuming homes, the Aquarea High Performance All In One provides water and heating for radiators, underfloor heating and water from a single integrated unit, making it the ultimate space saving solution.

  • Product fiche - A+++

  • Smart connectivity

  • WiFi compatible

The range consists of:

  • Aquarea High Performance All in One Compact

  • Aquarea High Performance All in One

  • High Performance Bi‑bloc

  • High Performance Mono‑bloc

Aquarea T-CAP Range R410A 9.0kW to 916kW

The T-Cap can be used in homes of all shapes and sizes and works in extreme temperatures. It’s able to maintain the same capacity even at -15°C without help from an electrical booster heater. One T-CAP can replace old gas or oil boilers and is compatible with underfloor heating systems, radiators and fan-coil heaters.

  • Product fiche - A+++

  • Smart connectivity

  • WiFi compatible

The range consists of:

  • T-CAP Bi-bloc

  • T-CAP Mono-bloc

  • T-CAP All in One

Aquarea HT Range R410A 9.0kW to 916kW

The Aquera HT range can be used in buildings of all shapes and sizes, but performs best with older high-temperature radiators. The HT range only heats - it doesn’t cool but is an incredibly powerful unit.

  • Product fiche - A+++

  • Smart connectivity

  • WiFi compatible

The range consists of:

  • HT Bi-bloc

  • HT Mono-bloc

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