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The Importance of MCS Accredited Heat Pump installers

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Heat pump installations are on the rise for both domestic use and businesses in the UK. 

Currently, only 54% of UK residents are aware of heat pumps but with the government’s goal of reaching 600,000 installations by 2028, we need to increase awareness of renewable heating solutions such as air source heat pumps for homeowners and business owners across the UK

There are also government funding opportunities for companies and homeowners to help offset the cost of air source heat pump installation, which also contributes to the government's aims of reducing boiler installations whilst  increasing renewable heating solution installations. 

However, this increased demand poses a challenge due to the current skills shortage within the HVAC industry. There are currently 100,000 gas boiler installers in the UK, but only 1,900 heat pump installers, showing the need for more people to be trained in heat pump installations.

To ensure companies can keep up with demand and the lack of trained heat pump installers, more HVAC engineers and installers are being trained to properly fit air source heat pumps.  Introduce the importance of using an MCS certified installer 

Using an MCS certified installer will help ensure your heat pump project runs smoothly and is completed to the highest standard.

What is MCS? 

MCS stands for Microgeneration Certification Scheme, which is a set of standards set by the heat pump industry, and owned by the MCS Charitable Foundation. 

The company fitting your heat pump will take responsibility for the entire heat pump process, by completing relevant paperwork and issuing MCS certificates to you so that they can apply for schemes such as the Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS). 

If your heat pump installation company isn’t MCS accredited then you won’t be eligible for RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) grants.

The benefits of choosing an MCS accredited heat pump installation company

  • Necessary training has given them first hand experience in heat pump installations.

  • All contracts with an MCS installer come with insurance-backed guarantees for your deposit payments and the workmanship.

  • All MCS installers are audited regularly to ensure they meet the standards of the scheme giving you quality assurance.

  • You will need planning permission for an air source heat pump. An MCS accredited installer will complete a noise assessment in line with MCS requirements, making sure you’re in line with planning permissions.

Questions you should ask before installing an air source heat pump 

When thinking about installing a heat pump, it’s important to do your research. Below are a few questions you should ask potential installers before fitting a heat pump:

  • Do they have a heat survey and installation plan? Some companies may outsource this from other companies, but it’s still important to obtain this paperwork before any work starts.

  • Are they MCS accredited and do they have a certificate to prove it?

  • Have they got any customer reviews to show you how great their customer service is?

Questions an installer should ask you before fitting a heat pump

Below are a few questions installers should ask before installing a heat pump to help them understand your requirements for the project:

  • What parts of your home will need heating?

  • Have you recently had a heating survey?

  • Do you need planning permission to install a heat pump?

Here at Enula we are MCS accredited and will ensure the highest quality installation. Get in touch today to see how we can help you install an air source heat pump for your home.

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