The Benefits of Air Source Heat Pumps for your Business

Help our planet. Help your pocket.

Heat pumps are being used more and more across homes and businesses in the UK. We’re seeing schools, sports centres and commercial businesses choose to install air source heat pumps to heat and cool their premises, and it’s easy to see why. 

Heat pumps don’t emit any carbon emissions, helping companies reduce their carbon footprint. This, in turn, strengthens the UK’s commitment to its Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) reporting and policy and Net Zero. Find out the benefits an air source heat pump can have for your business.

Reliable and safe technology 

Our MCS Air source heat pumps require very little maintenance, and are built to run for 25 years with no loss in efficiency. When you compare this to gas boilers that have a life span of around 15 years and lose 2% of energy every year, the savings on energy (and therefore heating bills) is significant. 

As air source heat pumps don’t utilise fossil fuels, the risk of gas leaks and fires is minimised, and the risk of scalding is reduced, as heat pumps ensure water is heated to a safer temperature. Heat pumps also eliminate the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. 

Comfort is at the forefront 

Air source heat pumps can be used to heat and cool buildings, putting comfort at the forefront. This is ideal for schools, leisure centres, office spaces, hotels and more, especially during the warmer months. 

Air source heat pumps can be paired with coil fans, under-floor heating and multisplit air source systems, giving organisations the ability to heat rooms and areas of the building they need to, instead of the whole building. This provides great humidity control throughout. 

Save money on tax… 

If you choose to install renewable heating solutions such as heat pumps and solar panels, you can claim 130% capital allowances for expenditure incurred from 1 April 2021 through to the end of March 2023. Referred to as the “super-deduction”, for every £1 you spend on sustainable plants and machinery, your tax is cut by 25p.

Business owners can also qualify for the 50% first-year allowance (FYA) scheme that covers long-life assets until the end of March 2023. 

The Annual Investment Allowance (AIA) also covers renewable energy solutions and provides 100% relief for plant and machinery investments up to £1 million, until March 2023.

Companies within Freeport tax sites can access Enhanced Capital Allowances (ECA+) until 30 September 2026. 

… and heating bills 

Heat pumps are on average 400% efficient compared to gas boilers being only 90%. This means on average for every kW of electricity you put in; you get 4kW of energy out (making them super efficient!) As you can heat buildings on a room-by-room basis, you’re only using the energy you need. This saves an astonishing amount of money on heating bills for commercial buildings. 

Embrace brand values 

Many companies are promoting sustainable living as part of their brand messaging - choosing to implement an air source heat pump is a great way to embrace your brand’s values and show the public that you practise what you preach. 

Air source heat pumps are emissions-free, so you're demonstrating integrity and promoting your green credentials which helps attract new business. 

If you have any questions surrounding air source heat pumps, browse our resource centre or get in touch with an engineer today. 

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