Renewable Energy Myths Debunked

Help our planet. Help your pocket.

It’s important that we all do our part in building a more sustainable future for our planet. Using renewable energy sources is the best way we can adapt our homes, schools and offices to fight the effects of climate change.

We’re debunking renewable energy myths to show you the benefits of embracing sustainable alternatives.

Myth 1: Renewable energies are expensive

Renewable energy is now the cheapest form of energy, meaning wind turbines and solar panels are helping both the planet and your bank account. It’s predicted that by 2050 almost all applications will be cheaper with renewable energy.

Whilst the cost of installing renewable energy solutions can be expensive it saves you a lot of money in the long term, helping you to make better financial decisions.

Myth 2: Renewable energy can’t cover all demands

In terms of electricity, we can already be 100% renewable. However, this is reliant on Government action to make the energy transition happen. The energy transition refers to the shift away from fossil fuels, like coal and oil and moving toward renewable energy sources like wind and solar.

 According to studies, midway through this century, two-thirds of electricity world-wide will be covered by renewable energy solutions. 

Myth 3: Manufacturing a wind turbine consumes more energy than it generates.

Wind turbines actually offset the energy used to make them within less than a year of them functioning, with them having a lifetime of around thirty years.

Wind turbines can also provide enough clean energy to power the needs of over 2,000 homes. This shows that wind turbines are an excellent source of sustainable energy.

Myth 4: Wind turbines are noisy

Wind turbines produce the same amount of noise as domestic appliances such as fridges or microwaves when they are less than 500 metres away. Houses are rarely within this distance of a wind turbine, making noise something you don’t need to worry about when you or your council are considering installing them.

Myth 5: Renewable energies take land from agriculture and livestock 

Wind turbines take up minimal space, making them compatible with farming and livestock activities. Furthermore, turbines are usually installed on unused or deserted land, meaning they don’t impact agriculture or livestock activities. 
Furthermore, air source heat pumps and solar panels are installed on the side of buildings or on roofs, meaning they have no impact on agriculture or livestock, due to the lack of space they take up.

Myth 6: Solar panels are made using polluting processes and aren’t recyclable at the end of their life

Solar panels have a life time of twenty-five years and generate the energy expended during their manufacturing process within two years. Solar panels are classed as non-hazardous waste once they aren’t usable, with them having recoverable rates of up to 95%.

Myth 7: Heat pumps don’t work in the cold

Heat pumps continue to work effectively at temperatures as low as -20°C and are widely used across Switzerland, making an air source heat pump the perfect renewable energy source for your home.

Myth 8: Heat pumps waste your money

Heat pumps can save you up to 30% on your energy bills compared to traditional heating solutions.

With heat pumps wasting less energy due to them being 400% efficient compared to boilers, which are approximately 90% efficient, it’s a no-brainer to choose renewable energy to heat your home over using fossil fuels.

Myth 9: Heat pumps are too loud

Heat pumps are no longer loud and clunky like they used to be. New technology has allowed heat pump manufacturers to reduce the noise they produce. Heat pumps shouldn’t be heard from indoors when installed properly and usually makes as much noise as a fridge when heard outside.

Myth 10: Heat pumps need a lot of maintenance

Air source heat pumps should have the same service as boilers. As with any heating solution, it will need more attention during the installation process. Similarly to gas boilers, it’s recommended that you have a yearly service in your air source heat pump, but minimal maintenance is undertaken in the long run.

Heat pumps are a great way to introduce renewable energy solutions into your home, allowing you to save money and the planet at the same time.
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